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Where did I get the idea for Master of Energy?

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My Essential Question:

"How can I make sense of our natural energy system so that my eight year old can understand it?"

My First Thought:

What if I use animals to represent each chakra? This way each chakra could become something tangible and practical for him to understand.

Further Thought:

But which animals or insects should I use to represent each chakra? Why not go by color? The root chakra should be a being that is red. A lady bug would be the perfect representative for our ROOT Chakra!

It's red and peaceful and fun!

What happened next:

I went to make dinner. I forgot all about it. I didn't think much about it at all after my initial thought. It was snowing, typical day in January on the North East coast. Hours later, I walked up the stairs in my home and passed a large white wall, perpendicular to a cathedral ceiling. I noticed something very small against the enormous, white wall. I focused deeper and to my surprise it was a real, teeny-tiny, red, beautiful, living LADYBUG.

The only message I could take from seeing a tiny, living ladybug on the enormous, blank white, cathedral-length, wall in the middle of a snow storm was to begin the Masters of Energy characters.

...and so the painting began so easily!

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