All seven Chakra Books in ONE Hard Cover!

Masters of Energy

Root to Crown

A Complete Chakra Book Series

"Introducing the 'Masters of Energy' hardcover book—a comprehensive compilation of the seven chakra books designed specifically for children. This illuminating collection aims to empower young minds with invaluable insights into their energy systems, fostering a deeper understanding of the chakras. Each chapter provides engaging and age-appropriate explanations of the chakras' significance, offering simple techniques to help manage challenging situations in life. Through colorful illustrations and relatable storytelling, this book serves as a guide for children, nurturing their emotional intelligence and providing tools to navigate life's ups and downs with resilience and inner harmony."

Balance your Root Chakra with "Ladybug Root"
Balance your Sacral Chakra with "Zac the Fox"
Balance your Solar Plexus Chakra with "Sol the Giraffe"
Balance your heart Chakra with "Hart the Frog"
Balance your Throat Chakra with "Voz the Blue Bird"
Balance your Third Eye Chakra with "Ojo the Snail"
Balance your Crown Chakra with "Butterfly Cosmo"